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My name is Helen Pidgeon and I am the Chair of Governors. I have been on the Governing Board for Holmwood and Ashbrook for the last four years. I am also the Governor of Mental Health and Well-being in both the schools and I oversee Curriculum Development. I am a Governor at Two Mile Ash as well, which means that both Governor Boards can work closely together. I have two children, one in Year Two at Holmwood and one in Year Four at Two Mile Ash. Before having my children, I was a primary school teacher.

My name is Helen Blackwell and I am the Vice-chair of Governors. I have been on the Governing Board for Holmwood and Ashbrook for the last eighteen months. I am also the Governor for Inclusion (focusing on Pupil Premium and SEND) and English in both the schools, as well as being the Development Governor for the Board. Outside of my Governorship, I have been a Youth Leader for almost nine years now, teaching children between the ages of five and eighteen years of age. I also work as a lunch and play assistant at a local primary school, with children between the ages of three and ten years old.

My name is Julie Cameron. I have just recently joined the Governing Board for Holmwood School & Nursery and Ashbrook as one of their Staff Governors. I have a little girl aged four in Reception at Holmwood. I work in Holmwood as a one to one SEND Teaching Assistant and I also volunteer for a couple of afternoons each week, doing odd jobs in and around the school setting. My previous job roles include Sales & Marketing and Recruitment. 

My name is Andrew Hodgson and I have recently joined the Governing Board for Holmwood and Ashbrook as a Parent Governor, also acting as the Maths focal. I have three children – two at Ashbrook, in Reception and Year Two and one at Two Mile Ash in Year Five. I have worked in the Retail sector for many years, previously in operational roles and more recently in a planning and investment capacity.

My name is Jane Watkins and I joined Ashbrook School in September this year as an Early Years Teacher. I am passionate about ensuring children follow their aspirations and improve their knowledge whilst at school.  I enjoy the oversight of school that being a Staff Governor provides and feel that I can contribute in a positive way to key decisions and discussions. I also feel that being a part of the Governing Body is invaluable to my own professional development. At a previous setting, I also held the role of a Staff Governor and held this role for four years.

My name is Nadia Dorville and I am a parent Governor. I am a fairly new Governor and have been on the Governing Board for Holmwood and Ashbrook for a little less than an academic year. I am also the Early Years link Governor. I have two children, one in Year Two and one in Year One, both at Ashbrook. My background is predominantly HR, but I am currently employed by Milton Keynes Council as part of the School Improvement Team.

My name is Claire Sharples and I joined Ashbrook and Holmwood Schools as Headteacher in January 2014.  Most of my career has been spent in Infant School settings and I have been a teacher for over 25 years.  I am passionate about early educational experiences, as I know how crucial they are in equipping us to make successful choices later in life.  As Headteacher, I too am a Governor.  The Governing Body support and challenge me and other school leaders to ensure the schools are of the very best quality.  Being the Headteacher of two schools can be demanding, but also incredibly rewarding - the learning certainly never stops!

Together we make up the Bridge Partnership. This means that we are the Governors of both Ashbrook and Holmwood. All of us give our time, free of charge, endeavouring to ensure that your child’s education is the best it can be. We meet six times a year, generally at the start of every half term. During these meetings we discuss a variety of things that are happening in the schools, look at assessment data and discuss the schools finances.


Ashbrook and Holmwood are part of the wider Trust, IFTL and we are therefore supported by a wider team, schools and community.  It increases our ability to continue to provide the wonderful provisions at the schools.


If you would like to discuss anything with the governors, please email our clerk Fiona Vines on

The Bridge Governors

The Governing Body                        


Name Position Governor Type Appointed Until
Helen Pidgeon

Chair of Governors

Mental Health & Well-being Curriculum






Helen Blackwell

Vice Chair, Inclusion Governor (Pupil Premium & SEND),

Development Governor, English Governor

Community 14/05/18 13/05/22
Nadia Dorville Early Years Governor Parent 13/05/19 12/05/23
Andrew Hodgson Maths Governor Parent 13/05/19 12/05/23
Julie Cameron   Staff 26/09/19 25/09/23
Jane Watkins Early Years Link Staff 26/09/19 25/09/23
Claire Sharples Executive Headteacher      
Heather Cormack Deputy Headteacher - Ashbrook      
Hayley Waters Deputy Headteacher - Holmwood