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Thank you for looking at the Governor pages.  I am James Blackhurst and have the pleasure of being the Chair of Governors for Ashbrook, Holmwood and Two Mile Ash Schools.


With Ashbrook and Holmwood joining the IFtL Trust in 2020 and our positions in the local community, it made logical sense to look at how the schools could provide parents with a joined-up journey for our children both educationally and pastorally. To support the Senior Leaders in this endeavour, the Governing Bodies of the Bridge Partnership and Two Mile Ash took the decision to merge….and with thanks to our children’s inspirational ideas; we are now called the PATH Local Governing Body – PATH being the Partnership of Ashbrook, Two Mile Ash, and Holmwood.


My involvement across the schools has been as a parent of 4 children who progressed through Holmwood and Two Mile Ash.  I became a Governor in 2008 at TMA and have been Chair of Governors at Two Mile Ash since 2016 and now across PATH since September 2020.


I continue to be immensely impressed and proud of what is achieved for and by our children across all three schools. We have skilled and hardworking staff who are dedicated to ensuring that all the children receive an education of the highest quality, working with parents at every opportunity.  No more so than in the last year where new ways of teaching, ways of engaging and new technology have impacted us all. On behalf of the schools, I thank you for your support!


Whilst academic achievement is always at the forefront of any parent’s considerations, we believe that it is also about the journey your child makes through the schools and the opportunities that they are offered and take advantage of both in and outside of the classroom.  The enrichment opportunities afforded to our children that this Partnership offers, is essential in achieving that balanced educational experience.


The aim is to ensure that each child is well prepared to progress through the year groups and eventually beyond TMA…. although when you see them move between years and eventually to the leavers performance and assemblies in Year 6, perhaps we should focus on preparing the Teachers for life without your children!


My name is Helen Pidgeon and I am the vice chair of governors. I have been on the Governing Board for Holmwood and Ashbrook for the last five years and the Two Mile Ash board for two years. I am also the governor of Mental Health and Wellbeing across the schools. I have two children, one in Year Three and one in Year Five at Two Mile Ash School. Before having my children I was a primary school teacher.


My Name is Nicky Williams. During my 11 years at Two Mile Ash, I have worked in all year groups in a variety of capacities. While I now work as a Cover Supervisor , I first came to TMA as a parent volunteer, before becoming a LSA for 5 years, before taking my current role. Both my children attended this school so I feel this gives me an insight into what it is like to be a customer as well as a provider. I have been a staff governor for 3 years, the last 18 months having the additional responsibility of being Safeguarding Governor for TMA, meeting regularly with members of SLT/DSL to ensure I am fully up to date with any safeguarding matters that arise. The opportunity to look after the safeguarding role for new link governing body seems like a natural next step, where I can continue to both support yet challenge while helping to ensure a consistent message and standards.


My name is Harsheed Morjaria. I have just recently joined the Governing Board for Holmwood and Ashbrook Schools as a parent governor.  I am an IT professional with experience in schools and colleges teaching predominately IT/computing to adults, young people and children which makes me aware of classroom dynamics that influence student engagement in learning. Currently, I am a supply classroom supervisor/teacher in a variety of subjects in schools in Milton Keynes, Aylesbury and Northamptonshire.


My name is Helen Blackwell and I am one of Governors. I have been on the Governing Board for Holmwood and Ashbrook for the last eighteen months. I am also the Governor for Inclusion (focusing on Pupil Premium and SEND) and English in both the schools, as well as being the Development Governor for the Board. Outside of my Governorship, I have been a Youth Leader for almost nine years now, teaching children between the ages of five and eighteen years of age. I also work as a lunch and play assistant at a local primary school, with children between the ages of three and ten years old.


My name is Julie Cameron. I have just recently joined the Governing Board for Holmwood School & Nursery and Ashbrook as one of their Staff Governors. I have a little girl aged four in Reception at Holmwood. I work in Holmwood as a one to one SEND Teaching Assistant and I also volunteer for a couple of afternoons each week, doing odd jobs in and around the school setting. My previous job roles include Sales & Marketing and Recruitment.


My name is Andrew Hodgson and I have recently joined the Governing Board for Holmwood and Ashbrook as a Parent Governor, also acting as the Maths focal. I have three children – two at Ashbrook, in Reception and Year Two and one at Two Mile Ash in Year Five. I have worked in the Retail sector for many years, previously in operational roles and more recently in a planning and investment capacity.


My name is Jane Watkins and I joined Ashbrook School in September this year as an Early Years Teacher. I am passionate about ensuring children follow their aspirations and improve their knowledge whilst at school.  I enjoy the oversight of school that being a Staff Governor provides and feel that I can contribute in a positive way to key decisions and discussions. I also feel that being a part of the Governing Body is invaluable to my own professional development. At a previous setting, I also held the role of a Staff Governor and held this role for four years.


My name is Nadia Dorville and I am a parent Governor. I am a fairly new Governor and have been on the Governing Board for Holmwood and Ashbrook for a little less than an academic year. I am also the Early Years link Governor. I have two children, one in Year Two and one in Year One, both at Ashbrook. My background is predominantly HR, but I am currently employed by Milton Keynes Council as part of the School Improvement Team.


My name is Tushar Pai and I have been a Parent Governor at TMA School since Jan 2019. I have two daughters, with the elder one in Year 5 at TMA. I really enjoy being able to contribute towards my duties as part of the Local Governing Body of TMA, Ashbrook and Holmwood schools. Recently I have taken on the responsibility of the Wellbeing Governor and look forward to this role. I have worked in IT Services sector for two decades before switching to the Higher Education sector and have been working at The Open University for the past two years.

The Bridge Governors

The Governing Body                        


NamePositionGovernor TypeAppointedUntil
James BlackhurstChair of GovernorsCommunity  
Helen Pidgeon

Vice Chair of Governors

Mental Health and Well-being, Safeguarding, Curriculum Development






Helen Blackwell

Vice Chair, Inclusion Governor (Pupil Premium & SEND),

Development Governor, English Governor

Nadia DorvilleEarly Years GovernorParent13/05/1912/05/23
Andrew HodgsonMaths GovernorParent13/05/1912/05/23
Julie Cameron Staff26/09/1925/09/23
Jane WatkinsEarly Years LinkStaff26/09/1925/09/23
Harsheed Morjaria Parent  
Nicky Williams Staff  
Tushar Pai  Parent  
Kelly CursleyExecutive Headteacher   
Roxanne JacksonDeputy Headteacher - Ashbrook   
Hayley WatersDeputy Headteacher - Holmwood