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Activity of the Day - Easter Holidays

Below is a list of 'Activity of the Day' for Week 3 and Week 4.


We would love to see your photos of children taking part in the Activity of the Day, we will be uploading photos onto the Latest News section of the website after the Easter holidays (week commencing 20 April). Thank you


Week 3

  • Monday - Have an indoor treasure hunt. Hide toys around the house and write some clues to help someone find them!
  • Tuesday - Start a diary, draw or write about what you did today. You could carry this diary on throughout the Easter holidays.
  • Wednesday - Count forwards and backwards from 0 - 20 or 0 -100. Make a chalk line outside and jump on the numbers.
  • Thursday - Find items around the house that rhyme – draw a picture of the items and label them.
  • Friday – Write a letter to a friend. If you know their address, you could perhaps safely post it to them.


Week 4

  • Monday - Make a reading den and read stories to your family in it.
  • Tuesday - Play Kim’s game – put 6-8 items on a tray and cover with a cloth. Let your child look at the items for 1 minute then cover. Take one item away without them looking. Uncover the tray; can they say what is missing? Can they tell you what sound the item begins with? Can they sound out that item?
  • Wednesday - Make up a story and act it out.
  • Thursday - Use lego/ duplo/ K’nex or something similar to build a city or a famous landmark or building. The bigger the better!
  • Friday - Make a play shop. Label some toys with monetary amounts. Can you give the correct money for each item? Adults can ask questions like ‘if this item costs 10p and I have six 1ps, how much more do I need, can you find work it out?