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Our Philosophy & Ethos



Ashbrook School actively promotes a warm, caring community where all are valued and recognised and there is a strong commitment to welfare and well-being of the children.


This belief is reflected in our school motto:


Ashbrook School: "Everyone matters. Everyone is important".


The spiritual aspect of the school environment is central to its philosophy and ethos. Children best learn where there is a strong sense of community; where qualities of truth, tolerance, freedom, peace and love are fostered and sound interpersonal relationships are founded on respect and courtesy for others.


We aim to develop a strong sense of community by following these principles and aims:


  1. The provision of a happy, secure and relaxed atmosphere where children feel safe, comfortable and valued members of society, where discrimination of any nature is not tolerated;
  2. The development of warm respectful relationships between children adults and their peers, with an awareness of the rights and opinions of others;
  3. The provision for children to be independent and taught responsibility for their actions, property and property of others;
  4. The acceptable standards of conduct and behaviour made clear to children;
  5. The children’s respect for British moral values and a tolerance and understanding of traditions and cultures which are different from their own;
  6. The development of children’s responsive, caring and outward looking attitude towards the community;
  7. The whole staff of the school working in close co-operation to carry out the philosophy of the school, contributing to policy making and sharing the responsibility for its implementation;
  8. The development of a close liaison between the school, its governors, parents and other agencies within the community to ensure understanding and progression at every level.


The Aims of our Schools


  • To create an inclusive culture of achievement, high standards and high expectations, where all children are appropriately supported to achieve their potential
  • To promote the spiritual, moral, social and cultural development of all of our children.
  • To enable all children to use language and mathematics effectively
  • To ensure that all children have equal access to effective teaching and learning in all areas of a rich, broad, balanced curriculum
  • To develop sensitivity, friendliness, courtesy and tolerance towards others
  • To help children develop lively, enquiring minds, the ability to question and discuss rationally and to acquire knowledge, skills and understanding relevant to a fast changing world
  • To be a school dedicated to self-evaluation, ongoing review and continuous improvement
  • To work in partnership with parents/carers and our immediate and wider community for the greater benefit of all children’s education.