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School Values


'Everyone matters, everyone is important' is our school motto and we are proud of how this is evident in our everyday ethos, it sits at the core of everything we do!

Our school values support us in achieving our ambitions.  They help us to make great choices with our learning and behaviour.

It feels very special to be a part of our Ashbrook family!



Our School Values


Each half term we focus on a particular 'School Value'. Our school values link with the British Values and help our children to understand other people's feelings, wishes and rights.  Assembly time is used to explore our values.  We celebrate the children's achievements in demonstrating the values on a daily basis with our jewels in the jar award and through our 'School Values Awards' presented each half term.  


The School Values for this year are:



Working together, helping each other, working as a group.


Shows an awareness of other people’s feelings, wishes and rights.


Displaying kindness and concern for others, being a good friend.


Learning how to wait, why this is important and staying positive!.


To keep trying; to keep working even if something is difficult.


Showing responsibility to complete an activity/work, take part in something, help to work as part of a group.


This half term we are focusing on the value Perseverance


Perseverance is when you push yourself to work through challenges.

What is perseverance and why should children want it? Children might be surprised to hear that perseverance (also called resilience) is really important for living a life they enjoy and can be proud of. Why? Because life is full of challenges and struggles. Perseverance is the drive that helps you get past the hard stuff to get to what you want. Without perseverance, you won’t get far in life.


Perseverance is a personality trait that pushes you to overcome difficulties.

  • Having perseverance means that when you are facing a challenge, you use your mind and your body to overcome it.