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Welcome to Ashbrook School

Ashbrook School is an Academy school where we educate children aged 4-7 years and we have 180 pupils on roll.  We have high expectations in all areas, whilst ensuring your child feels safe and finds learning fun and rewarding. We believe children have to feel secure and happy in order to learn and meet their potential. 


Every member of our team believes in our motto “Everyone matters, everyone is important”.


Children at Ashbrook are inspired to learn, achieve and relate well to others.  Children learn to score themselves on our well-being scales, they are taught the vocabulary for their feelings and the importance of talking and sharing how they feel each day.  

Learning zones support the children in understanding what being a successful learner looks and feels like.  We know the importance of the connection between feeling relaxed and happy and being ready to learn.  Our children consistently meet or exceed the national figures in reading, writing, maths and phonics.  They leave us ready and confident for the next stage in their education having achieved our Whole School Curriculum Offer aims for the children to be successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.  


We work in partnership with Holmwood School and Nursery and Two Mile Ash School, which a vast majority of our pupils choose for their junior School.  Ashbrook and Holmwood are known as the 'Bridge Partnership', working as mirror images of each other the teams plan and design the curriculum for the children within our shared local community.  Our joint governing body 'PATH to Success' -  Partnership of Ashbrook, Two Mile Ash and Holmwood, serves all three schools.  In doing so our aim is to create a unique community school offer, where children and families can enjoy a primary experience, across the specialisms of a nursery, two infant schools and a junior school.  We are ensuring policy and practice are inline to support curriculum continuity from nursery through to Year Six and a sense of belonging and pride for our local community.


We are delighted to be able to work with our colleagues across the three schools and are prod that we are part of a multi-academy trust - Inspiring Futures Through Learning Academy Trust.  We believe passionately that we are 'stronger together'.  For further information please visit


We offer all children a broad, balanced and fun curriculum that inspires them to learn, and actively enjoy learning but sitting at the very centre of our learning is reading.  The aim for every child to be a fluent and confident reader by the end of Year Two is a non negotiable.  Our new phonics programme, launched in September 2021, is a crucial tool in supporting the Ashbrook team, including working alongside our families, to achieve our goal.


Hidden behind our brick frontage we have wonderful, extensive grounds.  Our children have very regular opportunities to play, problem solve and grow things in our Forest Fun area.  We regularly take part in trips or special events to promote various topics and encourage children to try new things, which may in turn inspire them in future life or career choices.  Pupils at Ashbrook may be young but they learn key life lessons at every opportunity.


Pupil behaviour is consistently excellent.  The whole team supports the fact that positive behaviour, trusting relationships and a strong culture of keeping children safe underpins all we do.  We have a strong culture of shared values and children learn to respect themselves and others.  They take great pride in their school and their own achievements. 


There are many other wonderful aspects of Ashbrook for you to find out about, we are a high quality learning environment that ensures children have the best possible start in life, so do take the time to come in and look around we would love to meet you!


With warmest wishes,

Kelly Cursley

Executive Head Teacher

Ashbrook School and Holmwood School and Nursery

URN : 147380

School Context Information

This information is accurate as of 28/02/2022



Boys​ %

Girls​ %


EAL​ %

Disadvantaged %





55.17 (32)

44.83 (26)

10.34 (6)

63.79 (37)

6.9 (4)

41.38 (24)



47.06 (56)

52.94 (63)

15.13 (18)

63.03 (75)

12.61 (15)

47.9 (57)

Whole School ​


49.72 (88)

50.28 (89)

13.56 (24)

63.28 (112)

10.73 (19)

45.76 (81)