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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Welcome to Year 1


There are two classes in Year 1 at Ashbrook School, one is called the Zebras class and one is called the Giraffes class. Our classes are next door to each other and we have a wonderful shared area with a large role play area. We are also lucky enough to have an outside play area which we use whenever the weather permits us to. In the Zebras class the teachers are Mrs Harrison-Payne and Miss Ashby, the Giraffes teacher is Miss Orr. We also have Mrs Woodruff, Mrs Mody, Mrs Wood, Mrs Santhi and Mrs Harrison working with the children in Year 1. Year 1 is an important new adventure for the children as they start to become more independent and take part in more structured learning.


We have a topic every half term which we love to embed in everything that we do. They are usually story based and lots of fun!


Autumn 1 – The Gruffalo

Autumn 2 – Pirates!

Spring 1 – Paddington Bear

Spring 2 – Funnybones!

Summer 1 – The Victorians

Summer 2- Where the wild things are


Alongside these exciting topics we perform a Christmas play and a special assembly to the parents. We love to celebrate at Ashbrook, especially days like Eid, Diwali, Birthdays, Chinese New Year and many more! We also plan exciting learning days, such as Science Days, Maths Day and World Book Day.


We have some exciting trips planned this year. We will be going to the City Centre and to the MK Library as part of our English and Art curriculum. We will be learning about and enjoying the Library and going on a sculpture walk across the city before we come back to school and make our own. We also enjoy a visit to the Victorian Museum at MK Museum in Wolverton, we dress up as Victorians and live a day as a Victorian child at home and at School!


Have you seen the Kids' Zone? Play games, and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites!

Forest Fun


Forest Fun in Year 1 will take place on alternate Thursday afternoons. For these sessions it is ESSENTIAL that the children have named wellington boots. The children will be doing Forest Fun in all weather conditions; sunshine or rain! We will provide the children with waterproof coats and trousers however they will need to bring their own sun hats.