Headteacher’s Welcome

Ashbrook School is an infant school in Two Mile Ash. Ashbrook School is part of the Inspiring Futures through Learning academy trust (referred to as IFtL). This growing family of schools is based in Milton Keynes, Olney and Corby. Ashbrook was rated as a 'Good' school in April 2024 by Ofsted.

“Pupils become confident and independent learners at this highly inclusive and aspirational school”. [Ofsted 2024]

Our tagline 'Where Every Child Belongs: Celebrating Diversity, Creating Unity' is a lived experience for the children at Ashbrook.

Children at Ashbrook are inspired to learn, achieve and relate well to others.  Children learn about 'colour monsters' across each class where they are taught the vocabulary for their feelings and the importance of talking and sharing how they feel each day.  

Our whole school curriculum offer aims for the children to be successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.  

We work in close partnership with Holmwood School and Nursery with school leaders overseeing the quality of education in both schools. This enables educational expertise to have a great impact on the pupils in Ashbrook. Support also comes from regional and national leaders within our academy trust, IFtL. Both Ashbrook and Holmwood schools feed into Two Mile Ash School, where the vast majority of our pupils choose for their junior school. Our joint governing body 'PATH to Success' -  Partnership of Ashbrook, Two Mile Ash and Holmwood, serves all three schools.  In doing so our aim is to create a unique community school offer, where children and families can enjoy a primary experience, across the specialisms of a nursery, two infant schools and a junior school.  We are ensuring policy and practice are inline to support curriculum continuity from nursery through to year six and a sense of belonging and pride for our local community.

For further information please visit www.iftl.co.uk

We offer all children a progressive and sequential curriculum that inspires them to learn, and actively enjoy learning, but sitting at the very centre of our learning is reading.  With our high expectations for early reading, our aim is for every child to be a fluent and confident reader by the end of year two.  Our Read Write Inc. phonics programme is a crucial tool in supporting the Ashbrook children, including working alongside our families, to achieve this goal.

"The school’s curriculum is broad, balanced and ambitious. It sets out, sequentially, the important knowledge and skills that pupils should learn right from the early years".

Ashbrook children have regular opportunities to play, problem solve and grow things in our Forest Fun area.  We regularly take part in trips or special events to promote various topics and encourage children to try new things, which may in turn inspire them in future life or career choices.  Pupils at Ashbrook may be young but they learn key life lessons at every opportunity.

"Diversity is encouraged, explored and celebrated. Pupils thoroughly enjoy learning about each other’s beliefs and experiences. They know that everyone is equal and that their opinions matter". [Ofsted 2024]

Pupil behaviour is consistently excellent.  The whole team supports the fact that positive behaviour, trusting relationships and a strong culture of keeping children safe underpins all we do.  We have a strong culture of shared values and children learn to respect themselves and others.  They take great pride in their school and their own achievements.  

There are many other wonderful aspects of Ashbrook for you to find out about, we are a high quality learning environment that ensures children have the best possible start in life, so do take the time to come in and look around we would love to meet you!

With warmest wishes,
Jamie Ainscow