Parental Feedback

Your input is invaluable to us at Ashbrook School. We believe that your insights and feedback play a crucial role in enhancing the educational experience for our little ones. We invite you to share your thoughts, suggestions, and experiences with us. Your feedback will help us continually improve and tailor our programs to meet the unique needs of our pupils. Whether it's a compliment, a suggestion, or a concern, we welcome all perspectives. Together, let's create an environment where every child can thrive. Thank you for being an essential part of our Ashbrook School community.

Here is the 'You said - We did' section. All feedback is gathered and discussed. In this section you will be able to see the impact of feedback and the positive collaboration between parents and staff.

Phonics morning (February 2024)

We had over 40 parents attend our phonics morning. Staff led three short phonics sessions to give an example for Group A/B (early readers), Red group and Pink group. Parents were able to see how we deliver sessions focusing on 'Fred talk', 'speed sounds' and 'special friends'. Thank you for the feedback. 100% of parents who gave feedback scored 4 stars or more.

  • Best presentation. I got more confident, how to teach my child. Thanks a lot!
  • It is very fruitful to have this session. I can know more about what my child doing in school and can use same skill to practice with him. Thanks a lot for your preparation.
  • Great event - so informative, well put together and absolutely lovely to see the lessons ‘in action’!
  • Very useful and informative, thank you for sharing the day to day insight of what our children are learning and how we can contribute to their progress. Watching the children demonstrate live and having Mr Ainscow deliver the presentation in between was fantastic.

Wellbeing afternoon (February 2024)

Here are some parental and school community comments from our afternoon.

  • Great to be part of this - Fantastic experience. 
  • Thanks for organising the event. 
  • Everything is great and enjoyed. 
  • This was an incredible insight to the school activities. It is amazing to see our children at school (they behave differently at home 😁) - thank you for the opportunity to participate! 
  • It was really nice to see how the children spend time at school. It was also amazing to see how Miss Caitlin and others maintained order and engagement among the kids with all the parents around! 
  • It was lovely seeing the children all Happy interacting with their class mates. 
  • The well being activity for the reception class was very well organised. I loved how the activity encourages respect and listening for their friends when someone is talking. I adored watched and listening to all the children share something kind and seeing them in their element at school. Please continue the school to parent relationship! It is brilliant! Well done Ms Cobley, you are fantastic and the entire Ashbrook team.

See more about our event here - Well-being Afternoon.

February 2024 update

Thank you for the feedback given in the recent short surveys. Mr Ainscow and the team are also listening to feedback on the school gates.

You SaidWe did
[Christmas craft afternoon] Didn't have any change on me, wish you had stated somewhere about snacks and hot drinks available with donations welcome.We made a last minute adjustment to include treats for parents and pupils. We didn't have this in the event listing, however we ask for voluntary donations at these events so that nobody misses out.
[Well-being afternoon] Would have liked some more activities to do with my child.
Maybe more “well-being” activities next time:)
We would always welcome parents to be part of future events and organising where we may be able to offer even more. This event had yoga, mindfulness colouring, painting, Lego and games, relaxation time in the library and singing.
[Phonics morning] My only feedback would be that for me personally this would have been most impactful and useful back in October time after an initial settling in period for the children. I have sought out most of this information by now anyway but it would have been super helpful back in the autumn term. So for the next new cohort of parents, prioritizing this event for around October half-term would be really beneficial.Really useful feedback. We shall schedule in a range of curriculum information meetings for autumn term as well as throughout the year.
Parents who attended the phonics morning said that they would like something similar for maths. This would be helpful for parents wishing to use the same methods to help with multiplication etc.We have a maths in action afternoon planned for Wednesday 6th March. We will ensure that parents have the opportunity to see how we teach a range of concepts.

Christmas craft afternoon (December 2023)

Here are some parental and school community comments from our afternoon.

  • Well planned and executed, had a good time with my son!
  • Very nice organisation of the event.
  • As always thank you for welcoming us to school. Great, well organised event.
  • Think it’s really good and nice for parents to get involved with the kids and it’s fun for kids too.
  • Enjoy these types of events!
  • This was very well organised activity for kids , they thoroughly enjoyed the time and they had whole lot of activities to explore about. Well done . And edibles were awesome too.thanks.
  • [My son] loved welcoming us to his school and showing us his teachers and friends.
  • Thank you so much for arranging the crafts afternoon. Two thumbs up.
  • My child just loves that I could be with him in school doing his beloved things under such a pleasing vibe. Thank you.

November 2023 update

During coffee morning there have been lots of different elements of Ashbrook school discussed. 

You SaidWe did
'Parents would like more information about the curriculum taught at school'Each half term an 'overview of learning' is emailed to parents. This document summarises the key knowledge and skills that will be taught per subject. Each year group team creates this for parents to refer to. All overviews of learning are also saved in the year group pages on our school website for easy reference. In spring term we will provide more opportunities for parents to explore the learning and curriculum expectations. Curriculum information meetings will be scheduled in early 2024.
'We would like to know how phonics, English and maths is taught as it is very different to the way we were taught'.A range of 'live lessons' will take place with parents invited to see how the staff deliver key learning. There will also be a phonics workshop where parents will be able to take part in a typical Read Write Inc. phonics lesson as watch how we teach our young learners to be confident readers.

Annual parent survey (July 2023)

Please take time to read the results of our parent survey from July 2023.