Wellbeing and the Colour Monsters

At Ashbrook School, our children’s wellbeing is our number one priority. To help the children develop an understanding of their emotions we use a key text 'The Colour Monster'. 

One day, Colour Monster wakes up feeling very confused. His emotions are all over the place; he feels angry, happy, calm, sad and scared all at once! To help him, a little girl shows him what each feeling means through colour.

During their time at Ashbrook children become familiar with the language used to describe a range of feelings that we all experience. We support children by validating their feelings.

How do we use 'colour monsters' to support children?

The children learn about the feelings associated with the different colour monsters and then add their named stick into the corresponding jars in class. Staff will support children if they are feeling sad, worried, angry or upset.

Understanding children are their emotions is key to their success in school. Sometimes we support beyond the colour monsters through early help and other nurture arrangements in school.

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