Year 2

There are two classes in Year 2 at Ashbrook School, Lions class and Tigers class.  Lions class teacher is Miss Hodgkins and Tigers class teacher is Mrs Begum. Both classes are supported by Mrs Dharmadhikary and Mrs Kayoko. Our classrooms are situated next to each other, with access to a large shared area where we can continue to build upon our new learning.

Year 2 is a really exciting year; the children work very hard and become more independent as they prepare themselves for their next step – on to junior school! Year 2 brings the opportunity for greater responsibility around the school and there are many special roles our children can hold.

We explore many topics and themes throughout the year, ensuring that the children are accessing all the areas of the National Curriculum.

Autumn 1 – Explorers, animals including humans, cooking and nutrition

Alongside our exciting learning, we perform a Christmas play and an end of year leavers assembly. We love to celebrate special days and occasions, such as Diwali, Eid, Chinese New Year and many more. We also plan fun enrichment activities such as Science Week, World Book Day, NSPCC Number day and various sporting events.

In addition, we always look to plan in school trips and have special visitors that will link and enhance our learning and help to embed the skills and knowledge we have as well as bringing the learning to life.

Please look out for updates about our current learning in the half termly curriculum newsletters. If you feel you are able to come in and support us with an area of learning, please speak to your child's class teacher.


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