Our Early Years includes two Foundation classes at Ashbrook School.

Elephants class: Teacher - Mrs Cobley
Leopards class: Teacher - Miss Woolridge & Mrs Buckingham

The Foundation classes are supported by Mrs Tilston (nursery nurse), Mrs Raval, Miss Woolley, Miss Sear, Miss Perichon, Miss Ezhil Suresh and Mrs Ferguson as additional support staff.

Foundation is an important new adventure for the children, as they start school and become more independent and take part in some structured learning along with lots of child initiated activities. 

Our classrooms feed into a wonderful shared area, where there is a large role play home corner, an art area with a junk model shop, a playdough station, self service snack station, cosy book nooks and a construction area for our budding architects. There are opportunities to mark make and develop maths skills scattered throughout our indoor and outdoor spaces. We have two dedicated outside play areas which children can free flow between whatever the weather. The children can choose to play in the mud kitchen, sand area, experience water play, and large construction. The children can also develop their fine and gross motor skills on the climbing wall and play frame. The stage and music wall allow the children to express themselves creatively and explore pitch, rhythm, tempo and volume. Beyond these spaces we have direct access to a large play ground and field which leads into our forest packed full of exciting learning opportunities.

We have a "big question" topic to explore each half term, through activities in a language rich environment that promotes and celebrates diversity.

Autumn 1 – Who am I?

Autumn 2 – How do we celebrate?

Spring 1 – Can we keep a pet penguin at Ashbrook School?

Spring 2 – Do all superheroes wear capes?

Summer 1 – Are minibeasts like me?

Summer 2 - Can you solve the fairytale mystery?

We love to celebrate our diversity at Ashbrook, especially at special times like Eid, Diwali, birthdays, Chinese New Year and many more! We also plan exciting learning days, such as science day, maths day and World Book Day.

Please look out for updates on our curriculum for opportunities to come in and support us while we are learning about family traditions (especially food!) and different occupations. Let your child's teacher know if you can support with any upcoming activities.

Overviews of learning

Each half term we will publish additional information about the knowledge and skills (key learning) that will be covered across the curriculum. Please refer to the overviews when focusing on how to support your child at home. Your child's class teacher will be able to talk through any queries that you may have.