At Ashbrook School our Science teaching follows a progression of skills and knowledge, from Early Years to Year 2. Early Years follow the requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS). The science element of this curriculum is called 'The World' and it is ongoing throughout the year.

The children are encouraged to observe and explore the natural environment around our school, looking out for the plants and animals that live there and for signs of growth and change throughout the seasons. We provide opportunities for the children to explore and compare different materials; to take part in cooking activities and see how ingredients change as they are mixed and cooked and then eaten, and to grow and look after plants and bulbs. The children also begin to develop an understanding of healthy foods and how they can keep themselves healthy and safe too.

In Key Stage 1, Science teaching follows the requirements of the National Curriculum and is taught in half termly units. The children learn about animals, (including humans), living things and their habitats, materials, plants and seasonal changes. Through all of these units, the children are introduced to a variety of different ways of working scientifically, in order to develop their ability to observe and ask questions, investigate, perform simple tests, identify and classify, and gather and record data.

Each year we join in with National Science week, which is always a really fun week, full of scientific enquiry. We often have visiting scientists too, who add an extra layer of fizz and crackle to this exciting week.

Science Curriculum Pathway