Curriculum Overview

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Here at Ashbrook School we believe that education should build the foundation for a lifelong love of learning.  We believe that every child has the right to a childhood which includes engaging in a range of exciting and memorable experiences, which give them the freedom to explore, take risks and develop resilience; a curriculum that will, 'bring out the best in everyone.'

We work closely as a partnership with Holmwood school (part of our Partnership of Ashbrook, Two Mile Ash and Holmwood) and ensure the curriculum meets the needs of the children in our community. Therefore we share subject leaders across both the schools. It also allows teachers who are experts in their fields to ensure the diverse curriculum is progressive, sequential, highly engaging and purposeful for our children.

We plan units of work which are relevant to our pupil's interests and specific learning needs, whilst ensuring coverage of the National Curriculum and statutory Religious Education requirements. The progression of skills and knowledge is clearly mapped out to ensure children are moved onto their next step of learning in all areas.

For more information about each subject, including the Curriculum Progression Plan, please click on a subject.