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Welcome to Reception


This is where children begin their journey at Ashbrook School. As soon as they come in the door, they become “Superheroes in training”. The Leopards’ Class Teacher is Mrs McNeil and the Monkeys’ Class Teacher is Mrs Dutta. The other adults in the year group are Mrs Tilston, Mrs Rolfe, Mrs Harrison-Payne, Mrs Flynn, Mrs Wood and Mrs Reno.


Our Reception year is a fundamental stage because this is when we learn what it means to be a part of the Ashbrook family.  Learning through play is an integral part of our development.


Sometimes you may find us chasing dinosaurs in our Adventure Garden. Step into our Creative Garden where you may find us mixing up potions or cooking up a storm in our magnificent Mud Kitchen.


We use our senses when exploring the Messy and Malleable area. Watch us transform into the different characters in our Role Play area. Step into our Junk Modelling area to watch us transform into Architects. During our Sand and Water play, we often discover fossils and enjoy going on deep sea adventures to find different species.


We have the opportunity to express ourselves in our Creativity area through a range of resources including, paint and chalk.


The children lead their own learning and we act as facilitators to enhance their experience and where possible, bring their ideas to life.


Look out for requests for resources and please do not be surprised if you receive an invitation to come shopping for freshly baked bread in our shop! Reception is an exciting adventure and we look forward to welcoming you on board! 

Barefoot in the grass

Brazilian Football

Healthy Lunch Box Day