Titanic Day for Year 2

All aboard!

In Year 2 children have loved learning about the Titanic in history. Children were fascinated by the history of the wreckage at sea as they were able to recall lots of key facts about the tragedy.

We invited the children to board the RMS Titanic as part of our Titanic Day on Monday 20th May. Children were dressed as 1st, 2nd or 3rd class passengers as they came into school clutching their boarding pass with excitement.

Children worked in teams to take part as passengers evacuating the ship in the hall. They used benches and mats as props and even had hi vis jacket and torches to use as part of the rescue procedure. The children described how it felt and what they would have done if they were on the Titanic at the time.

We finished our day with a fun waltz dance which the children had been practising over the last few weeks. Each class performed at a time and finished with an afternoon tea in the hall, eating sandwiches, a cup of tea and juice.

The children immersed themselves in the whole experience and it was great watching them take part and enjoy the day together.